Irish Lottery Jackpot Increased to €4.5 Million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Increased to €4.5 Million

To welcome the arrival of summer the Irish Lottery jackpot has been increased to €4.5 million. As there were no top prize winners in Wednesday’s draw, the jackpot rolled over to €3.5 million before an additional €1 million was added.

Tomorrow night’s Irish Lottery draw will be the fourth this month and so far there haven’t been any jackpot winners. In total April saw four ticket holders all match the six numbers drawn to become jackpot winners with the largest jackpot, worth €5.1 million, purchased in the North West.

The increased jackpot tomorrow night could be yours for the price of an Irish Lottery ticket. If you always opt for a Quick Pick ticket you might find it useful to look at some statistics to help you select numbers to play. The most popular numbers drawn are 12, 3, 2, 38, 13 and 15 while those which haven’t been drawn for a while are 36, 38, 4, 19, 17 and 11. To view more detailed statistics visit the Irish Lottery Statistics page.

The latest Irish Lottery results will be available to view online shortly after the draw has taken place – Good Luck!

10th May 2013