Irish Lottery Jackpot Reaches €8 Million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Reaches €8 Million

The Irish Lottery draws this week have found no ticket holders who were able to match all six numbers for either the draw on Saturday, 18th August 2012 or Wednesday 22nd August 2012. This means the jackpot has continued to roll, creating an estimated jackpot for the draw on this coming Saturday of €8 million, a healthy jackpot by anyone’s standards. However, despite the lack of top tier winners, one ticket holder last night would have been happy to scoop the secondary tier prize of €25,000 by matching five numbers and the Bonus ball.

If you fancy a little bit of help choosing your Irish Lottery numbers for the draw on Saturday, why not try taking a look at our statistics page. Here, you will find details of all the numbers; the most commonly drawn, the least commonly drawn, overdue numbers and the most common pairs and triplets of numbers. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that choosing any of these numbers will increase your odds at all, but anything is worth a shot!

The most common six numbers to appear in the Irish Lottery are 38, 2, 13, 2 12 and 44. All have appeared between 91 and 99 times, compared to the least drawn numbers of 43, 14, 16, 25, 8 and 29, which have only made between 58 and 70 appearances in the Irish Lottery draws. If it’s commonly occurring pairs you are looking for, you could do worse than try 12 and 45, which have appeared together 20 times. You could always then match them up with the most common consecutive pairs, 3 and 4 or 26 and 27.

Or, you could stick with the kids’ birthdays and your wedding anniversary to keep things simple!

23rd August 2012