Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls for the Third Time

Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls for the Third Time

In its mid-week draw last night, the Irish Lottery saw its third rollover in a row after no players matched all six numbers drawn. The jackpot had already rolled over from €2 million from the draw on Saturday, 7th July which meant a top prize of €2.4 million was at stake, so players were keen to try and get a piece of the action. However, despite there being no jackpot winner, there was still over 44,000 winning tickets, so check yours now to see if you have a prize to claim!

The Irish Lottery’s numbers drawn last night were 1, 3, 4, 7, 27, 34 and the Bonus Ball was 36. Even though there was no jackpot winner, there was one lucky ticket holder who scooped the €25,000 prize for matching 5 numbers and the bonus ball, as well as an impressive 63 people who matched five balls to net €835.00 each. This has been the highest number of ticket holders to match five numbers for eight draws since 16th June 2012, when a whopping 101 ticket holders won €936.00. In addition, there were 122 ticket holders who matched four numbers and the bonus to win a respectable €108.00, plus 2,841 people to match four tickets and winning €29.00 each.

In terms of number statistics, the number three racks up its 98th appearance, making it the second most popular number to appear in the Irish Lottery. Number three also features alongside number four for the 15th time, making it the most common consecutive pair to show up in the Lottery draws.

Players can now look forward to Saturday night’s triple rollover, with an estimated jackpot of €3 million. So get your tickets ready now and cross your fingers that the numbers are on your side, and remember to check the results page shortly after the draw to see if you have won a share of this big money jackpot.

12th July 2012