Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls Throughout September

Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls Throughout September

The Irish Lottery jackpot has continued to roll over after it was won on 29th August 2012 by a single ticket holder from Abbeyleix, Co Laois, putting Saturday’s jackpot at an estimated €4 million. Neither draws this week saw players able to match all six numbers, but there were three happy players on the draw on Saturday 8th September 2012 who were able to match five and the Bonus, to take home an impressive €25,000. To find out more about the lottery results for the week, read on!

A full breakdown of the draws for last week are available on our Results page, but both draws saw a total of just over 69,000 winners, who took home anything between €5 and €25,000. The draw on Wednesday 12th September 2012 interestingly enough saw the lowest number of players to match all five numbers since 16th May 2012, when, like on Wednesday’s draw, just 16 players won that prize. Of course, that is good news for the winners, who scooped a higher than average €3,325.

In other lottery news, the list of unclaimed jackpot winners from Ireland is now a little shorter thanks to the winners of the £4.4 million UK Lotto prize coming forward last week. The impressive jackpot was won by the ticket holder on 2nd June 2012, and the winner has remained out of sight until a vigorous campaign to find the mystery ticket holders bore fruit last week. As of yet, no details regarding the lucky winners has been released, as they have not decided whether to go public or not.

A further winner from County Armagh has also stepped forward to claim their £73,263 prize from the UK Lotto draw on 11th August 2012, again, thanks to the publicity drive to find the winners. So don’t forget to check all your tickets, for Irish Lottery, UK Lotto and Euromillions, and see if you are one of the mystery winners!

13th September 2012