Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls to €4 Million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Rolls to €4 Million

The Irish Lottery’s jackpot has rolled to €4 million after players in last night’s draw failed to match all six main numbers. Despite the absence of a top tier winner, there were over 22,000 players who secured a prize worth between €5 and €25,000.

The winning numbers from last night’s draw, in ascending order, were 9, 12, 37, 40, 41 and 42 with the Bonus Ball of 35.

In the first winning prize tier, just one lucky ticket holder managed to match five main balls plus the Bonus Ball to take home a prize of €25,000.In the following tier, 34 players matched five main balls to win €1,370 each while the Match 4 plus Bonus Ball tier saw 48 players win €243 each. There were 1,272 winners of €56 in the Match 4 tier and a further 1,518 ticket holders matched three main balls plus the Bonus Ball to win €32 each. Finally, 19,197 players won €5 each after matching just three main balls.

If you’d like the chance to win the €4 million jackpot, tickets for Saturday’s Irish Lottery draw can be purchased online by following the Tickets tab or in person from a registered retailer.

20th March 2014