Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle Announced

Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle Announced

It’s that time of year again when we start looking forward to the treat that is the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle. The Irish Lottery brings us this special draw once every year and tickets are now on sale for this raffle which will take place just after Christmas on the 30th December. Therefore if you fancy winning a guaranteed €1 million on New Year’s Eve then don’t miss out on playing this Irish Lottery game because you could be celebrating the first day of 2012 in style.

Although tickets are priced slightly higher than they would be for a normal Irish Lottery draw there are a staggering 2,236 prizes available to win. This game plays out differently to a normal lottery game, instead of players having to pick out their owns numbers they buy raffle tickets which are all entered into a draw and a large amount of players will win a prize if their raffle ticket is drawn out.

There are seven prizes available to win and the top prize is €1 million. The remaining six prizes are:

  • 1 prize - €250,000
  • 4 prizes - €100,000
  • 10 prizes - €10,000
  • 20 prizes - €5,000
  • 100 prizes - €1,000
  • 2,100 prizes - €500

All of these prizes are worth quite a bit of money so you really won’t be disappointed whatever the amount you win. However the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle only sells 300,000 tickets therefore it is advised to buy your tickets sooner rather than later in case they all sell out and you are left without a raffle ticket – hence why we are telling you now!

Thinking about this Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle may not be at the top of your list of things to do right now, but fast forward seven weeks and you won’t want to be missing out in playing this raffle-style lottery game – so don’t delay as you won’t want to pass up the chance of winning any of the guaranteed prizes!

Remember, you'll be able to check the Christmas Millionaire Raffle results for 2011 here!

17th November 2011