Irish Lottery Results for Wednesday 16th May 2012

Irish Lottery Results for Wednesday 16th May 2012

Last night there was an Irish Lottery jackpot of just over €2.4 million available to win, so many players were hoping to strike lucky and become top prize winners in this lottery. However, the Irish Lottery results for Wednesday 16th May 2012 reveal that no players managed to match the six numbers drawn, therefore the jackpot rolls over for the second time in a row. This now means that on Saturday night there is a double rollover Irish Lottery jackpot available to win that is estimated at €3 million, but will any players have luck on their side to be able to scoop the jackpot on Saturday night?

The Irish Lottery results for Wednesday 16th May 2012 are 6, 7, 28, 30, 35, 45 and the Bonus Ball was 18. To add to the jackpot not being won last night there were also no players who matched five numbers along with the Bonus Ball to win the second tier prize that was worth €25,000. Therefore, the first winning prize tier in last night’s draw was the match five tier in which 16 players won €3,349. There were also over 24,000 players that won the smallest Irish Lottery prize by matching three of the numbers drawn to win €5.

To date this month the Irish Lottery has had five draws and out of those five draws the jackpot has been won twice. The first win of May 2012 happened on the 5th May when two tickets which were purchased in the West and Mid-West matched the Irish Lottery results to split the €5.3 million jackpot to both win €2,688,982.

The next win happened on the next draw on the 9th May when a ticket purchased in the South matched the numbers drawn in the Irish Lottery results to win the €2 million. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if any players can become the third Irish Lottery jackpot winners in May on Saturday or if the jackpot will remain elusive and rollover for the third time.

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