Irish Lottery Results for Wednesday 29th April 2015

Irish Lottery Results for Wednesday 29th April 2015

The Irish Lotto draw for Wednesday 29th April ended in the sixth rollover the game has seen since a single player pocketed €2 million on Wednesday 8th April. However, with over 27,000 prize winners in yesterday’s draw, it was still a fantastic night, and now countless fans of Ireland’s well-loved lottery game can look forward to a Saturday draw with a jackpot worth €5 million.

This Wednesday’s winning numbers were 3, 9, 14, 18, 35 and 38 with Bonus Ball 40. The biggest prize winners were found in the Match 5 tier, in which 27 participants won €1,755 each. Another 68 ticket holders grabbed €175 each for matching four main numbers and the Bonus Ball, while the remaining players won prize amounts worth between €5 for matching three main numbers and €52 for matching four main numbers.

Fans of Lotto Plus 1 cleaned up rather nicely, with one ticket holder from the North West picking up the top prize of €350,000 and another player matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win €3,500. In Lotto Plus 2, nearly 24,000 participants scooped some welcome bits of cash. For a full prize breakdown from the main Irish Lotto game and the supplementary draws, visit the Results page.

You could have a very good bank holiday weekend by banking €5 million on Irish Lotto, but you’ll need to grab some tickets first! Have a look at the Tickets page to learn more about buying entries online, no matter where you are in the world, or pop in to a local authorised retailer to snap up those tickets in person. Just make sure that you don’t leave it in your press for a month, as one fortunate EuroMillions Plus winner did recently, or you might not end up grabbing that cash until the next bank holiday. Good luck!

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