Irish Lottery Rolls To €2.5 Million

Irish Lottery Rolls To €2.5 Million

Last night’s Irish Lottery jackpot, worth a cool €2 million, eluded players as no-one managed to match all six winning numbers.

Despite 26,000 winners attaining three drawn balls or higher, fortune didn’t smile on any ticket holder enough to match the winning combination of 10, 12, 14, 15, 31 and 36 with the Bonus Ball 40. However, one player did win €25,000 by playing five corresponding numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

The starting jackpot now turns into a rollover with €2.5 million up for grabs in Saturday’s draw. This rollover has some way to go until it enters record books however - Ireland’s biggest Lotto prize crept up to €18.9 million, won in June 2008 by a syndicate of quarry and concrete plant workers in Bennekerry, Carlow.

Players will be hoping to call on the luck of the Irish to bag the new inflated windfall, much like the anonymous EuroMillions winner from the Emerald Isle, who admitted he had scooped €12.8 million from the Friday 6th September draw after he ‘ticked the wrong number’.

Speaking of EuroMillions, the jackpot is still to play for as Tuesday’s grand prize found no winner and so rolls over to Friday’s draw with a projected £38 million up for grabs.

This tempting triple rollover is certain to draw in those wanting a sniff at some big cash amounts. Even if you’re not lucky enough to bag the jackpot, it’s worth remembering that Tuesday’s draw saw three people match five winning numbers and one Lucky Star to each win over £256,000.

If you fancy trying your luck, Irish Lottery tickets can be purchased online via the Lottery Tickets page.

19th September 2013

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