Irish Lottery Summer Millionaire Raffle Results 2012

Irish Lottery Summer Millionaire Raffle Results 2012

The weather might not reflect the season at the moment, however last night the Irish Lottery Summer Millionaire Raffle 2012 took place. In this special raffle there were on offer 518 prizes that ranged from an impressive €1 million all the way down to a tasty €250. With so many prizes on offer many players were last night hoping to match the Irish Lottery Summer Millionaire Raffle results 2012 to walk away with a prize – but do you hold one of the 518 winning tickets?

The Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle draw that took place yesterday happened in two separate rounds. The first rounds drew out all of the 518 tickets and then the second round gave all of these tickets a prize value. Yesterday’s draw had numerous prizes on offer to win that split into these tiers:

  • €1 million – One prize
  • €250,000 – One prize
  • €100,000 – One prize
  • €5,000 – Five prizes
  • €1,000 – Ten prizes
  • €250 – 500 prizes

Listing all of the results from this draw would take too long therefore if you want to check your tickets visit Irish Lottery Summer Raffle results 2012 page and see if you have become a winner in this special raffle.

These raffle draws are only held at certain times of the year therefore the next draw most likely won’t take place until Christmas, so make sure you keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale because you won’t want to miss out on winning a great prize thanks to the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle.

7th August 2012

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