Irish Lotto Jackpot Is Biggest in Two Years

Irish Lotto Jackpot Is Biggest in Two Years

After three months without a winner, the Irish Lotto jackpot has climbed to its largest amount for two years. It is now worth €13 million ahead of the next draw on Wednesday night.

The last time the jackpot was won was on 11th October 2023, when a player from Co. Laois matched all the numbers to land €2.2 million.

Excited Lotto fans have been trying to follow in the last winner’s footsteps throughout the build-up to Christmas and the start of 2024, but the top prize has remained out of reach and has steadily grown over the past three months.

It has now surpassed the €12.7 million that was paid out in June 2023 as the biggest jackpot to have been seen in Lotto since January 2022.

Back in January 2022, the jackpot had reached its cap and had been stuck at €19 million for 31 consecutive draws. Irish Lottery bosses had to actually change the rules so that a ‘Will Be Won’ draw could take place when there was guaranteed to be a winner.

As it turned out, one ticket holder matched all the numbers in that special draw, otherwise the money would have flowed down to the highest prize tier below where there was at least one winner.

New rules were also introduced at the same time to ensure that the jackpot could never go so long without a winner again. It was decided that the top prize could only stay at its limit for a maximum of five draws before there would have to be a winner.

The jackpot is currently a fair way off €19 million, but it might only take a couple more weeks to get there. As soon as the top prize goes past its current limit, it will be capped for the subsequent draw. A new record for the biggest Lotto win in history could therefore be a matter of weeks away.

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Written by , 15th January 2024