Irish Lotto Jackpot Joy for Kildare Brothers

Irish Lotto Jackpot Joy for Kildare Brothers

Two Kildare brothers have come forward to collect an Irish Lotto jackpot worth €2 million. The lucky winners correctly matched the numbers 15, 31, 33, 34, 36 and 43 in the draw on Wednesday 31st May before coming forward to claim their prize two weeks later.

The siblings purchased their entry from Kennedy’s Topaz, a petrol station in Carrick-on-Shannon, as they were passing through the Leitrim town shortly before the draw took place. “When I got out of my car, my brother leaned over and gave me €2.50 in change and told me that we should go halves on a Lotto ticket,” one of the men told National Lottery officials. This would turn out to be a stroke of genius, as it would soon land both parties an unbelievable £1 million each.

The two men told of how they charged their elderly mother with checking their entry: “Every week religiously our mother sits in front of the TV and circles the winning numbers on her Lotto ticket as they are called out. It’s a ritual for her,” they explained. “We rarely play the Lotto so we gave her our ticket to check. We were in the kitchen and she ran in from the sitting room screaming that we had six numbers and we had won the jackpot. We were absolutely stunned."

The pair, who opted to remain anonymous, revealed that things can often get a little heated in the house when their mother wants to tune in to view the latest Lotto draw, especially when it coincides with a big football match. However, after this win, her offspring have vowed never to complain again.

The brothers are yet to decide how they will be spending their winnings, but have admitted the ‘millionaire’ tag might take some getting used to: “We’re going to be sensible for the time being and take some time out before we make any decisions,” they said, before adding: “We’re going to enjoy some very quiet celebrations with our family over the next few days and then decide the next steps.”

The Irish Lotto jackpot has been on the rise ever since the brothers’ win and currently stands at an estimated €4 million. If you would like to add your name to this year’s list of top prize winners, you can pick your numbers online or play through any authorised retailer throughout the Republic. Best of luck!

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