Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 10th October 2015

Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 10th October 2015

The €2.9 million Irish Lotto jackpot offered this past Saturday escaped the grasp of players, but more than 36,000 participants matched some of the winning line and scooped lovely prizes on the weekend.

Saturday’s winning Irish Lotto numbers were 1, 21, 34, 36, 38 and 40 with Bonus Ball 5. There were 22 participants who matched five main numbers and won £1,770 each, while an additional 47 players won €208 each for matching four main numbers and the Bonus Ball. All other players who picked up prizes in the main draw grabbed prizes ranging from a scratchcard worth €3 for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball and €59 for matching four main numbers.

Tens of thousands of players also had incredible success in the Lotto Plus games, including one player from the north west of the country who won the top prize of €250,000 on Lotto Plus 2 and 107 ticket holders who matched the winning Lotto Plus Raffle code of 8072 to snap up €300 each. Check out the Irish Lotto Results page for a full prize breakdown.

With the Irish Lotto jackpot for Wednesday’s draw sitting pretty at an estimated €3.5 million, it just makes sense to get involved with the game. Christmas is looming ever closer, with loads of little expenditures adding up and eating into your bank balance. Winning the top prize on Irish Lotto could make all of that stress and worry disappear in an instant! You can buy tickets online or from authorised retailers throughout Ireland. Good luck and have fun!


12th October 2015

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