Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 7th November 2015

Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 7th November 2015

More than 56,000 players picked up Irish Lotto prizes on Saturday 7th November, although no one managed to scoop the €2.9 million jackpot. However, 56 players matched five main  numbers to bank €683, with another 128 ticket holders winning €75 by matching four main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

The winning Irish Lotto numbers were 5, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 29 with Bonus Ball 17 and other prizes ranged from a €3 scratchcard for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball to €27 for matching four main balls. A single player matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in Lotto Plus 2, picking up €2,500, with another two ticket holders winning in the corresponding tier in Lotto Plus 1 to pocket €5,000 each. You can see the full prize breakdowns for Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and the Lotto Plus Raffle at the Results section.

Wednesday’s Irish Lotto jackpot will be worth €3.5 million, which will be yours if you can become the first ticket holder this month to match all six main numbers. The last jackpot win came on Wednesday 28th October, when a participant landed a €5.3 million payday. In addition, lottery fans have the opportunity to aim for a massive €111 million EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday night, after Friday’s Superdraw passed with without a winner.

Both of this week’s fantastic lottery prizes could change your life forever and you can put yourself in contention for a gigantic win if you play Irish Lotto and EuroMillions either online through the Tickets page, or at an authorised retailer. Get hold of your tickets, keep your fingers crossed and make sure you check soon after both games have been drawn to find out if you have become an instant lottery millionaire!

9th November 2015