Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 8th November 2014

Irish Lotto Results for Saturday 8th November 2014

Irish Lotto players will have the chance to play for a whopping €4 million on Wednesday night after no one managed to match all six main numbers on Saturday. Almost 40,000 players did win cash prizes though, ranging from €5 bagged by 34,868 ticket holders who matched three main numbers up to €1,231 for the 53 players who matched five main numbers.

Saturday’s winning numbers were 1, 7, 17, 28, 34 and 36 with Bonus Ball 41 and there is a full breakdown of the prizes on the Irish Lotto Results page. You will find the latest results from Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 as well.

Irish Lotto fans will be hoping to emulate the lucky couple from Co Leitrim who came forward last week to collect their €7.1 million winnings from the draw on Saturday 25th October. Although bagging the cash would be fantastic, you would want to avoid the worry that the anonymous pair felt when, halfway through their celebrations, they panicked that although their regular numbers had been drawn, they weren’t sure that they had bought a ticket!

Had they played online, they would have been able to check straight away and would have avoided a desperate search through handbags and the pockets of trousers which had been discarded in the washing basket.

Irish Lotto tickets are available now for Wednesday’s draw and you can get hold of them online or from authorised retailers. Of course, if you take the latter option, make sure you pick a safe place to stash them! Good luck!

10th November 2014