Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 14th October 2015

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 14th October 2015

Saturday’s Irish Lotto jackpot will be worth an estimated €4 million after none of the players involved in Wednesday night’s game could match the six main numbers drawn. There have now been four draws since a ticket holder from the Midlands snagged €2.9 million on Wednesday 30th September.


The winning line for yesterday’s Irish Lotto draw was 8, 13, 16, 18, 30 and 31 with Bonus Ball 39. There were 22 participants who matched five of the main numbers to scoop a tidy €1,261 each, with another 39 players snagging €179 each for matching four main numbers and the Bonus Ball. The remaining rewards handed out on the night ranged from a €3 scratchcard for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball to €37 for matching four main numbers.

Well over 13,000 players also cleaned up nicely in the supplementary Lotto Plus games, with 75 ticket holders winning €300 each on Lotto Plus Raffle for matching the winning code of 4233. You can find a full prize breakdown from all three draw games on the Irish Lotto Results page.

Everyone likes to dream of the indulgences they would make if they won big on Irish Lotto, but if you’re stuck for ideas as to how you’d spend a fortune, why not take some inspiration from the latest Irish Lotto jackpot winners who have come forward? The lucky family, who intend to remain anonymous, scooped a mind-blowing €7.3 million on Saturday 19th September and claimed their prize last week. Plans are already in place for trips abroad, a home cinema and even an indoor slide!

You could be as frivolous - or as financially prudent - as you’d like if you bagged €4 million in this Saturday’s Irish Lotto draw, but you need to buy tickets online or in person from authorised retailers to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck and have fun!


15th October 2015