Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 25th March 2015

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 25th March 2015

Nearly 30,000 players won Irish Lotto prizes last night, but no participant could match all six main numbers to claim the bumper €8.6 million jackpot for themselves, leading to yet another rollover. With just one draw left in the month of March, Saturday will bring with it a great deal of anticipation, and, possibly, increased ticket sales. The top prize, now worth €9 million, is rapidly approaching the value it held on Thursday 5th February - €10.2 million - when it was last won.

The winning numbers were 1, 12, 29, 34, 39 and 41 with Bonus Ball 14, and players won amounts worth between €5 for matching three main numbers and €2,162 for matching five main numbers. Have a glance at the Irish Lotto Results page for this draw to view a full prize breakdown.

While the top prizes in Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 also remained undefeated, each supplementary draw had more winners than in the main game, with 38,396 ticket holders scooping cash amounts or a €3 scratchcard on Lotto Plus 1 and 30,294 participants snapping up payouts on Lotto Plus 2.

As the race for the jackpot heats up, so does the debate surrounding the game itself. Dermot Griffin, the chief executive of Premier Lotteries Ireland, recently appeared before the Oireachtas to discuss the recent technological issues facing lottery terminals and retailers. In the meeting, Griffin made it clear that he was open to expanding the game’s matrix to include more numbers, and that a change in the price of tickets could be on the cards once some of the terminal issues have been smoothed over.

The format of Irish Lotto hasn’t been altered since 2006, when the cost of a ticket was raised from €1 to €1.50 and the ball pool expanded by three numbers. If changes were to be made again, the odds of winning the top prize might become longer, but bigger jackpots could be well within the realm of possibility.

No matter what happens, Saturday 28th March will be your last chance to snap up the jackpot this month, so don’t miss out - buy your Irish Lotto tickets online at the Tickets page before 7.40pm or in person from authorised retailers before 7.45pm on the night. Good luck!

26th March 2015