Irish Lotto Winner Misses Out on More Than €4,000 in Interest

Irish Lotto Winner Misses Out on More Than €4,000 in Interest

The €11.1 million Irish Lotto winner from the draw on Saturday 20th August has missed out on a massive €4,200 in interest so far, and the total is growing as lottery officials wait for a claim to be made. The winning ticket was bought in the small village of Kinlough, in the north of Co Leitrim, where local gossip has been dominated by speculation over the identity of the lucky player.

If the winner were to have placed the whole sum into a bank account offering an interest rate of just one percent on the Monday following the draw, they would have made enough by now to buy a vintage 1973 Rolex Datejust watch with an 18ct gold bezel and crown, or to stay for three nights in the two-storey presidential suite in Dublin’s luxurious Westin hotel. To check the winning numbers from the draw, visit the Results section.

It’s not only the 1,000 residents of Kinlough that are creating a Lotto buzz in the area, as visitors from neighbouring counties are also flocking to the village to try and capture some of the magic in the air that inspired the eight-figure win. Noel McGowan, who runs the Spar at which the winning ticket was bought, reports that his trade has jumped by 50 percent following the draw.

“It’s unbelievable how many people believe I could sell another multi-million jackpot winner,“ he told the Irish Mirror, “they are coming in from all over counties Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal, and even from Co Fermanagh across the border. Total strangers are dropping in to buy tickets.”

When asked who he thought the brand new millionaire might be, he admitted, “nobody has a clue. The rumour machine has up to a hundred names on the list by now.” McGowan has sold three big winners previously, with the last occurrence coming in October 2015 when a customer hit the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot for €250,000.

Irish Lotto players have 90 days from the winning draw to claim prizes or they are returned to the Irish National Lottery. The jackpot won on 20th August will expire on Friday 18th November. If you would like to play this Wednesday, there is a jackpot worth €4 million on offer and you can buy Irish Lotto tickets through the Tickets page. Good luck!

6th September 2016