Irish Lotto Winners Stumble Across Bonus Bingo Tickets

Irish Lotto Winners Stumble Across Bonus Bingo Tickets

Saturday night’s Irish Lotto draw was doubly lucky for many players as over 5,000 winning ticket holders also won a free Telly Bingo entry in addition to their cash prize!

All players who were lucky enough to match either four winning numbers or three plus the Bonus Ball will be given a free ticket to the popular televised bingo game – worth €2.50 – when they collect their normal prizes from a retailer.

Players winning Telly Bingo tickets will receive a slip of 24 numbers from a selection pool between 1 and 75, and marking off every one for a Full House during a draw earns the player €10,000. If there is more than one Full House winner, the amount will be shared, but prizes are also available for matching Lucky Lines and Corners. Telly Bingo draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The winning numbers from Saturday’s Irish Lotto were 1, 10, 15, 21, 22, 40 and the Bonus 18. Players can review detailed results and the full prize breakdown on the Irish Lottery Results page.

There was no winner of Saturday’s €2.5 million Lotto jackpot, although over 39,000 will be celebrating after winning a cash prize, with four ticket holders managing to match five numbers plus the Bonus ball to pocket a tidy €25,000.

Players have mere hours to buy tickets for tonight’s Irish Lotto draw, which, after two results without a top prize winner, has a jackpot of €3 million to play for. Tickets can be purchased online from the Buy Tickets page now and wishes you the best of luck!

16th October 2013