Irish National Lottery Survey Reveals Players’ Dreams

Irish National Lottery Survey Reveals Players’ Dreams

Irish National Lottery CEO Dermot Griffin has applauded the charitable nature of players after a new survey revealed what fans said what they would do if they won. The report highlighted the most popular ways to spend a lottery windfall and whether winners would keep the news quiet or not.

Who Would You Tell?

According to the survey, 13% of players would not tell a single person if they became a lottery millionaire on a game such as Irish Lotto, EuroMillions or Daily Million. 34% said they would tell their other half and nobody else, while 20% would only tell their parents. At the other end of the scale, 6% said they would tell everyone they knew.

How Would You Spend The Money?

When asked what would be top of the list for how they would spend the money, almost half of respondents (44%) said they would travel the world ahead of anything else. The next most popular option was buying a house (31%), while 19% said they would purchase a new car.

Which Charities To Support

Questioned on which organisations they would most like to donate to, 16% of players chose the Irish Cancer Society and 15% said Pieta House, which raises awareness of suicide. Other charities to feature prominently were homeless group Focus Ireland and Breast Cancer Ireland.

How Do You Pick Your Numbers?

The survey also asked players how they went about selecting their numbers, and found that 35% opted for a random selection, 33% played Quick Picks and 32% used significant dates.

Why Was The Survey Carried Out?

The survey was conducted ahead of Friday’s EuroMillions draw, which offers a €75 million jackpot and a guaranteed €1 million prize in the Ireland Only Raffle. Lottery chief Griffin said: “This survey is an interesting insight into the hopes and dreams of our players.

“The Irish are widely recognised as a charitable people and that was clear to see in the results, where there were so many good causes and charities mentioned, with the Irish Cancer Society and Pieta House at the top of their minds.

“What makes Friday’s EuroMillions draw so exciting is that, as well as the massive €75 million jackpot up for grabs, one person is guaranteed to win €1 million with the Ireland Only Raffle.”

You can try to land a EuroMillions prize by going to any authorised retailer in Ireland or by taking part online.

1st June 2018