Kildare Woman Shocked By Big Lotto Win

Kildare Woman Shocked By Big Lotto Win

A woman from Kildare is looking forward to ‘relaxing on a beach’ as soon as she can after claiming a big Irish Lotto prize. She won the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot on Wednesday 24th February, but initially had no idea just how fortunate she had been.

The lucky lady entered Irish Lotto online, adding the Plus option to give herself even more opportunities to win. Her numbers - 4, 11, 13, 15, 40 and 41 - came up in the Lotto Plus 2 draw, earning her €250,000.

She was the only winner of the draw, but did not realise straight away and remained oblivious even after glancing at her online account. It was only later when it dawned on her that she had won a six-figure sum, leaving her totally stunned.

“I saw that I had a notification from the National Lottery so I assumed it would be for a €5 or a €9 win,” said the winner, who has decided to remain anonymous.

“I was sitting down to watch Coronation Street and I just thought that I’d check it quickly but when I logged in, I couldn’t see any €5 or €9 wins in my account.

“It wasn’t until I looked at my online Lotto ticket that I realised just how much I had actually won. I was in total shock when I saw €250,000 – it still doesn’t seem real to be honest.”

The winner is excited about the possibilities that her new wealth will bring her, although she accepts that due to the pandemic she might have to be patient before she can really start enjoying it.

She said: “Looking after my family and paying bills is number one on the list but I really can’t wait to go on a holiday when things go back to normal – I am so looking forward to being able to relax on a beach in the sun.

“I know it will probably be a while before I can do that but let’s hope it might be soon.”

10th March 2021