Kilkenny Family Land Lotto Jackpot With Lucky Numbers

Kilkenny Family Land Lotto Jackpot With Lucky Numbers

A family from Kilkenny who kept faith with the same Irish Lotto numbers for 25 years have been rewarded with a jackpot win worth €5.3 million. Having played the numbers for so long, the father of the family only needed to catch a glimpse of the results on a newspaper to know they had won.

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There was only one ticket that matched the winning numbers - 2, 5, 7, 29, 38 and 42 - on Wednesday 23rd September. It emerged after the draw that the lucky entry had been sold at DeLoughry’s Gala store on the outskirts of Kilkenny city.

The identity of the winner initially remained a mystery, but the family syndicate that held the ticket had actually been getting organised for what was ahead. They have now come forward to claim the money and recounted their story, although they have decided to stay anonymous.

“We have been playing the exact same Lotto numbers for over 25 years so I could spot them from a mile off,” said the dad who heads up the syndicate and found out they had won.

“I was queuing up in the shop when I spotted them out of the corner of my eye on the top of one of the newspapers. It was that exact moment, I instantly knew that we had won over five million without even having to check the ticket!"

He was able to leave the store without showing any emotion and gathered the rest of the family round to break the news. He got the feeling they were all expecting bad news, and said they all ‘fell around the floor laughing’ once he made the announcement.

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The winners have vowed to use the money carefully so that it can continue to have a positive impact on the family for years to come.

The dad said: “We’ve had just over two weeks to let the win sink in but now we can start making real plans for our winnings now that we have the cheque in our hands. We won’t be rushing into any silly spending sprees with new cars or any of that but the one thing we have all been looking forward to is visiting our own individual banks to pay off our mortgages. There really is no better feeling than that.”

More than €100 million has now been won in prizes on Irish Lotto since the start of the year. The biggest jackpot of 2020 came back on 18th April when a player from County Kerry snapped up €9.7 million.

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12th October 2020