Meath Player Wins Top Prize in Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Meath Player Wins Top Prize in Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Players from County Meath have been urged to check their Christmas Millionaire Raffle tickets, after it was announced that the winner of the top prize purchased their entry in the town of Summerhill.

The annual raffle took place on 31st December, giving away more than 6,000 prizes. One lucky ticket holder was guaranteed to win €1 million, and the all-important code was revealed to be 114263.

The winner has yet to come forward, but lottery bosses have now disclosed where and when the ticket was bought. It was purchased in Scally’s Centra store in Summerhill on Saturday 11th December.

Geoff Scally, the owner of Scally’s Centra, was overjoyed to hear that his store had been the scene of the big win. He said: “What a way to start the new year! We have a team of 32 working in the shop and I know that as soon as word spreads, the entire team will be thrilled as this is the biggest prize that we have ever sold.

Thinking about who the winner might be, Scally added: “We have a real mix of local and commuting trade so let’s hope the winner checks their ticket soon and realises that they have kicked their 2022 off as a millionaire. There are sure to be celebrations with this news!”

Go to the Christmas Millionaire Raffle page to find out more about how the draw works, or head over to the Results page to see a list of all the winning codes.

As well as the €1 million prize, four players were also guaranteed to win €250,000 in the 2021 edition of the raffle. There were also 10 prizes of €100,000, plus a host of other awards. All winners have 90 days from the date of the draw to come forward and claim their money.

Tickets sold out well before the draw took place on New Year’s Eve, with just 500,000 available in total. The Millionaire Raffle will return at the end of 2022.

Written by , 5th January 2022