Millionaire Guaranteed in the Next Lotto Plus Raffle

Millionaire Guaranteed in the Next Lotto Plus Raffle

The Irish Lottery has announced that a Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle will take place on Saturday, 19th August. This will give the opportunity of a lucky player to win an additional €1 million on top of the usual €500 prize.

The prize is guaranteed to be won, so someone will become a millionaire over the weekend. But what is a usual Lotto Plus Raffle and how is the upcoming one different?

Entering the Lotto Plus Raffle is easy. For every Lotto with Lotto Plus line played, participants receive a four-digit raffle code. On draw days, a single code is selected from those generated and participants who match that code each win €500. 

But a few times a year, the lottery announces special draws like the Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle. This usually happens to celebrate important days such as Christmas or Bank Holidays. You will be automatically entered in draws which take place on pre-announced dates such as this one if you just play Lotto with Lotto Plus. 

The additional prize worth €1 million can be distributed in two ways. Usually, it is shared between all the winners, but this Saturday everyone with the winning number will be entered into a separate draw and one will be selected at random to receive the extra €1 million.

Wondering what’s your chance of becoming a millionaire this weekend? The odds of winning the Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle is 1 in 10,000. If you’re feeling lucky, make sure you enter the special draw happening on Saturday, 19th August. 

Written by , 17th August 2023