One Ticket Holder Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

One Ticket Holder Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

After multiple rollovers the results from last night’s draw show that one ticket holder matched the numbers drawn and won the Irish Lottery jackpot. Although many ticket holders were crossing their fingers and hoping to match the six numbers drawn in the Irish Lottery results it was just the one that actually managed to match them all and has now become a millionaire all thanks to the Irish Lottery. The identity of this ticket holder is yet to be known however all we know is that the ticket was purchased in the Midlands and the lucky winner scooped the prize money that was worth €8,749,912.

The Irish Lottery results from last night were 15, 31, 35, 38, 40, 45 and the Bonus Ball was 11. It is quite surprising to see that there was a winner last night as the majority of numbers fall on the higher side. Many players select their numbers based on calendar events such as birthday’s or anniversaries, which are all below 31, so when the numbers drawn are mainly 31 and up it is unexpected to see a jackpot win.

To add to the jackpot winner last night there were two ticket holders that matched five numbers along with the Bonus Ball to win the second tier prize that was worth €25,000. In addition there were also 32 players that matched five numbers to win €2,429 and the over 32,000 players matched three numbers to each win €5.

The next Irish Lottery draw takes place on Saturday and as the jackpot was won it now goes back to basics so it is estimated at €2 million. Whether another player will win the jackpot remains to be see but make sure you have your tickets ready if you fancy matching the numbers drawn and winning the jackpot.

21st June 2012