One Ticket Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

One Ticket Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

The top prize in the Irish Lottery has rolled over a total of six times to surpass the €5 million mark, so last night many ticket holders in this lottery were hoping to match the Irish Lottery results to walk away with the jackpot. The results from this mid-week draw show that in fact one ticket holder scooped the Irish Lottery jackpot that came out at €5,482,894. This win means that the top prize now goes back to basics and is worth an estimated €2 million for the next Irish Lottery draw.

The results from last night’s draw in case you haven’t seen them already were 1, 11, 13, 14, 15, 37 and the Bonus Ball was 30. As you can see three of these numbers (13, 14, 15) are all consecutive, and this particular triplet has only ever appeared together five times in the Irish Lottery results. In addition to that, the number 14 is actually one of the least often picked out numbers, and last night it made its 54th appearance.

To add to the jackpot winner last night, there were two ticket holders that matched five numbers along with the Bonus Ball to win the second tier prize of €25,000. In addition to that 43 players won €1,401 by matching four of the numbers draw, and then over 31,000 players won the smallest prize, which is €5, by matching just three of the numbers drawn.

This jackpot win in the Irish Lottery last night is in fact the first top prize of this year. Previous to this, the last time there was a jackpot winner was on the 31st December 2011 when one ticket holder from the Mid-West won €4,164,479 by matching all six of the numbers drawn.

26th January 2012

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