Online Ticket Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

Online Ticket Wins Irish Lottery Jackpot

Last night the first Irish Lottery draw of this week took place and as there was a double rollover jackpot on offer to win many players were hoping to match the six numbers drawn in the results to scoop the jackpot. This was indeed the case as the results from this mid-week draw show that a ticket purchased online won the Irish Lottery jackpot that was worth just over €3 million and in addition to that there were over 22,000 tickets that won one of the remaining Irish Lottery prizes.

If you haven’t seen the results from last night’s draw then they are 31, 34, 39, 42, 44, 45 and the Bonus Ball was 32. It is interesting to see that the Irish Lottery jackpot was won last night because all of the numbers drawn fall on the higher side. Even though there was a top prize winner there weren’t any players that matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball to scoop the second tier prize that was worth €25,000.

As the Irish Lottery jackpot was won it means that the top prize goes back to basics therefore it is now estimated at €2 million for Saturday’s draw. To add to that there is also a special prize on offer in Saturday’s Irish Lottery draw as in addition to the jackpot there is on offer to win a Gold Bar that is worth an impressive €1 million.

If you like the sound of winning the jackpot and also the Gold Bar then have your Irish Lottery tickets ready as you never know, luck could be on your side as you could end up matching the Irish Lottery results and walking away with the top prizes on offer.

26th July 2012