Online Winner Scoops €6.4 million Irish Lotto Jackpot

Online Winner Scoops €6.4 million Irish Lotto Jackpot

A player from Ireland has laid a sole claim to last night’s Lotto jackpot, after being the only ticket holder to match all six main numbers. The Irish player bought their winning entry online, and is set to receive €6.4 million.

The results of the Wednesday 10th April Irish Lotto draw were 3, 9, 17, 29, 42, 43 and a Bonus Ball of 6. The online player was the only jackpot winner, after nobody won the €1 million Lotto Plus jackpot, or the Lotto Plus 2 prize of €250,000. The online winner has not yet come forward.

National Lottery CEO Dermot Griffin has congratulated the winner, and asked players to check their accounts:

“What a brilliant start to the summer for a lucky online player. We are asking all of our online players to log into their accounts via the National Lottery website or app to see if they are the winners of this massive prize. And if you are our new millionaire contact the National Lottery Prize Claims Team, and we will make arrangements for you to collect your prize in the National Lottery Winner’s Room.”

Previous Online Winners

Online winners are becoming more and more prevalent, as we move further and further into a digital age. Other big winners from lotteries the world over:

Jenn Burston experienced a Christmas miracle with an online UK Lotto win in December 2014. She had bought the 17th December ticket on a whim, and in checking her numbers before bed discovered she had won £3 million (€3.4 million). The 17th December draw was a quadruple rollover; since nobody matched all six numbers, the jackpot rolled down to the next prize tier. Burston matched five numbers and the bonus ball; becoming one of five winners.

Casey Carrington and Matt Topham scored a EuroMillions jackpot of £45.1 million (€52.3 million) from an online ticket, only hours after both their computer and washing machine gave out. Even more incredibly, Casey had set up a EuroMillions account the week before the February 2012 draw, and bought just one ticket for it.

Aura Dominguez Canto, 60, won the Florida Lotto jackpot on the 19th July 2017 – from Panama. She played from abroad by using the online lottery concierge service The Lotter. Between an annuity of $30 million (€34 million) and a one-time cash prize of $20.9 million (€18.5 million), she chose the latter. Prior to her online win, she had been unable to retire owing to supporting a poor family. She had this to say of her win: “I would like to help people. Everyone has dreams. Now, life has changed. No more work. Thank God for that.”

Benefits of Playing Lotteries Online

As playing lotteries online becomes commonplace, maybe it’s time for you to consider making the switch! There are many benefits to playing online; discover some of them below:

  • You can participate using your phone or computer, whenever and wherever is convenient for you – no more trips to the newsagents!
  • Your numbers are safely stored in your online account, meaning you’ll never misplace a ticket again.
  • You can subscribe to several draws in a row, or set up a rolling subscription – you’ll never miss a draw.
  • You’ll be notified automatically if you win any prize, big or small, via your online account. Smaller prizes will be paid into your account straight away – no chance of missing a win!

You can participate in the Irish Lotto, as well as lotteries around the world, by picking your numbers online. Learn to play Irish Lotto or shore up your statistical analysis; maybe you’ll join the ranks of other top online lottery winners!

11th April 2019