Overdue Numbers on Irish Lottery

Overdue Numbers on Irish Lottery

Tonight sees another Irish Lottery draw take place and with a €2.5 million Lotto jackpot up for grabs, we’d like to ask “how do you pick yours?” As an Irish Lottery player do you have a set of numbers that you play religiously or do you go for the easy option of a Quick Pick where the computer will generate a random set of numbers for you? It could be that you use Irish Lottery statistics to help you decide which numbers to play based on their frequency but have you considered playing the overdue numbers on the Irish Lottery?

Overdue Irish Lottery numbers are those from the number matrix that have not been drawn for the longest period and the Irish Lottery statistics on our pages are updated the moment a draw takes place meaning the most overdue number statistics may change every Wednesday and Saturday. It wouldn’t make sense to use all six of the most overdue numbers from the Irish Lottery results as the chances of them all appearing in one draw are minimal. With all manner of statistics available a good idea might be to choose a couple of the overdue numbers and a couple from the most drawn category whilst choosing the two remaining numbers at random.

Most Overdue Irish Lottery Numbers – 22nd February 2012

  • 35 (bonus ball) – last drawn 112 days ago on 2nd November 2011 – no jackpot winners
  • 17 – last drawn 77 days ago on 7th December 2011 – no jackpot winners
  • 22 – last drawn 63 days ago on 21st December 2011 – one jackpot winner
  • 24 – last drawn 60 days ago on 24th December 2011 – no jackpot winners
  • 32 (bonus ball) – last drawn 53 days ago on 31st December 2011 – one jackpot winner
  • 41 (bonus ball) – last drawn 42 days ago on 11th January 2012 – no jackpot winner

For the three balls 35, 32 and 41 that appeared in the Irish Lottery results as bonus balls in the draws, each of them contributed to finding a match five and bonus ball winner for a €25,000 prize.

Of course we aren’t able to predict the numbers that are going to be drawn or we would be millionaires a hundred times over but we do always find it interesting the way numbers are picked for the Irish Lottery.



22nd February 2012

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