Players In Ireland Can Now Play Pick 3 Online

Players In Ireland Can Now Play Pick 3 Online

There is a new online game to enjoy in Ireland following the launch of Pick 3. You just have to select three numbers from 0 to 9 for the chance to win great prizes up to €500.

Two Draws Every Day

Just like Daily Million, Pick 3 draws are held twice a day. They take place at 1pm and 6pm and you can pick numbers to enter into one or both of them. You will win the top prize if you match all the winning numbers in the same positions as you have selected them.

Predicting all the digits in order is known as a ‘Straight’ bet, but it is by no means the only way to play Pick 3. One of the main features of the game is that you have the flexibility to choose between various entry methods.

A ‘Box’ bet is one where you can match the numbers in any order. For example, the winning digits for the first draw on Tuesday 14th July were 783. If you had chosen the numbers 3, 7 and 8 in a ‘Box’, you would have won even though they came up in a different order.

Straight/Box and Combo bets are also available if you wish to combine selections.For a Straight/Box, you are placing half of your bet on the numbers appearing in a specific order, and half on them being drawn in any order. You can therefore win both parts of the bet or just the ‘Box’ part. In a ‘Combo’ bet, all of the three-digit combinations within your selected numbers are entered as separate Straight bets.

You can even place a Pairs bet to just try and predict two of the three winning numbers. Go to the Pick 3 page to learn more about the different types of bet.

It is up to you whether you bet €0.50 or €1 for most play types, although for Combo bets you are entering each combination as a separate Straight so the cost does increase proportionately.

Many different ways to play

The prizes that are available depend on the size of your stake and the bet type you select. For Box, Combo and Straight/Box plays, the prize also depends on whether you play a 3-way or a 6-way bet.

3-way and 6-way bets refer to the combination of numbers you select. If you pick three different numbers, there are six ways in which those three digits could appear, whereas if you pick two repeating numbers and a third number that is unique, there are only three ways in which those numbers could show up.

Match the winning numbers in line with the bet type you have chosen and you receive the associated prize. It’s that simple and because the game is only available online you will be sent an email when you win. Prize money will be transferred straight to your online player account.

A New Opportunity

Pick 3, available through, marks a new opportunity for Irish lottery fans to take part in a different style of game from most of the offerings that are currently available in Ireland. Here’s a summary of all the key points about the game:

  • Draws are held at 1pm and 6pm every day
  • You only need to select three numbers from 0 to 9
  • Pick 3 gives you the flexibility to choose between several bet types
  • You can decide how much you want to bet per entry
  • To win, you must match the winning numbers according to your bet type
  • There are a range of prizes on offer, going up to €500
  • It’s an online-only game so you will be emailed if you win and paid automatically

You can choose your numbers and learn everything you need to know about Pick 3, including in-depth guides to each of the different bet types, on

17th July 2020