Record Irish Lotto Rollover Streak Continues

Record Irish Lotto Rollover Streak Continues

In a record-breaking run of rollovers, the Irish Lotto jackpot has now gone more than 50 draws since it was last won. With the top prize capped, players have benefited from larger payouts in the categories below the jackpot.

The last time that anyone matched all six main numbers was back on Saturday 5th June. The jackpot for the following draw was €2 million, and over the next couple of months it gradually increased until it reached its limit of €19 million on 29th September.

More than two months later, fans of the game are still waiting for a record winner. However, millions of Euros have still been won in recent draws because there is more prize money up for grabs for those players who come close to landing the jackpot.

As the jackpot cannot go any higher, the prize money that would normally be added on top instead flows down to the next level in which there are winners. In many cases, this is the Match 5 plus Bonus category, and on Saturday 4th December a single player won more than €1 million.

When nobody has matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, the money has flowed down to the ticket holders matching five numbers. On Wednesday 1st December, for example, 26 players in this category all won €29,345. Before the jackpot cap was in place, Match 5 prizes would have been worth approximately €1,000.

The jackpot will remain at €19 million until at least one ticket matches all six numbers. There is no limit to how many consecutive draws it can roll over. However, approval is currently being sought for changes to be made to the rules, which would allow for a Must Be Won draw to be held sometime early in the New Year.

Millionaire Raffle Returns

While Lotto draws continue every Wednesday and Saturday, the Millionaire Raffle will be back on 31st December.

This year there will be 6,210 prizes on offer, including a jackpot of €1 million. All the prizes are guaranteed to be won. Only 500,000 tickets are available.

Go to the Millionaire Raffle page for more information, and keep playing Irish Lotto to try and get your hands on the €19 million jackpot.

Written by , 9th December 2021