Rollover Irish Lottery Jackpot Tops €6 million

Rollover Irish Lottery Jackpot Tops €6 million

The Irish Lottery jackpot has been rolling over all throughout August, which has pushed the jackpot through the €6 million barrier. The jackpot on the next draw, which takes place on Saturday, 18th August 2012 is expected the reach €6.5 million, after the draw on Wednesday 15th August 2012 failed to find a winner to successfully match all six numbers. However, there were four happy winners who matched 5 numbers plus the Bonus to scoop that €25,000 prize, along with 57 ticket holders who won €1,141 by matching five numbers.

Meanwhile, details of the winner of the last jackpot, which was won on 25th July 2012 have been released, although the man himself chose to remain anonymous. The retired chef was Tipperary has said he was “very happy” to win the jackpot, and had no immediate plans apart from the pay off his mortgage and look after his family. The man bought his ticket online, which makes him the second person to win the jackpot via an online purchase.

Another heart-warming winner’s story attracted our attention this week. Divorced couple, Pat O’Hagan and Margaret Doherty, who have played the same numbers on the National Lottery game since 1988, were both shocked to find they had both won a massive €250,000 on the Lotto Plus 2 game on 11th August 2012. They apparently both realised their luck when they each heard on the news about two winning tickets from their hometown, Letterkenny, and realised it was each of them!

At least they had some familiar company on the bus ride to Dublin to collect their tickets!

16th August 2012