Saturday's Irish Lottery Jackpot Is a Guaranteed €10 Million

Saturday's Irish Lottery Jackpot Is a Guaranteed €10 Million

After seven draws with no jackpot winner, excitement is building for Saturday’s Irish Lottery draw as the jackpot has reached a guaranteed €10 million.

Ticket sales are expected to soar for Saturday’s draw as jackpots in excess of €5 million are rare while jackpots topping €10 million are rarer still.

The last time the jackpot reached €10 million was back in January when, after 12 draws with no ticket holders able to match the six numbers drawn, a ticket purchased in the South finally matched the number combination to scoop a jackpot worth just over €10.6 million.

If you struggle selecting numbers to play then you may find it useful to look at statistics for the Irish lottery. The most popular numbers are 12, 3, 2, 38, 13 and 39 with the least popular being 43, 14, 16, 25, 19 and 8. To view other number statistics please visit the Irish Lottery Statistics page.

The €10 million jackpot could be yours on Saturday night for the price of an Irish Lottery ticket!

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23rd May 2013