Saturday’s Irish Lottery Set For Triple Rollover

Saturday’s Irish Lottery Set For Triple Rollover

Four-leaf clovers failed to appear for Irish Lottery players as last night’s €2.9 million double-rollover jackpot remained elusive.

No-one managed to match all six winning balls 1, 10, 34, 36, 41, 42, although three tickets did match five corresponding numbers plus the Bonus ball 18 to scoop €25,000 each, with 19 tickets matching five numbers to win €2,492.

Keen players will be hoping that it’ll be third time lucky this weekend as they pick their numbers for Saturday’s draw, now worth an estimated €3.5 million.

The largest ever Irish Lottery jackpot was €18.9 million, won by a syndicate of 16 quarry and concrete plant workers from Bennekerry, Carlow in June 2008. Most recently, an Irishman won €12.8 million from the draw on Friday 6th September after admitting he had picked the wrong number.

As well as the domestic Irish lottery, players are already eyeing the EuroMillions jackpot for tomorrow’s draw which is set to hit a whopping €65 million.

Five draws have already come and gone without a EuroMillions top prize winner, so people will no doubt be turning up in droves to get their hands on some lucky tickets for this massive windfall.

If you fancy your rollover chances in the Irish Lottery or the EuroMillions, buy your ticket now on the Lottery Tickets page.

26th September 2013

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