Special Lotto Plus Raffle on St. Patrick’s Weekend

Special Lotto Plus Raffle on St. Patrick’s Weekend

The annual St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a time for celebrations amongst Irish communities around the world. There will be even more excitement in Ireland this year, after it was announced a special Lotto Plus Raffle draw will be held on Saturday 16th March to commemorate St. Patrick’s weekend.

Extra €1 Million to Be Won

There will be an extra €1 million in prize money for Lotto Plus Raffle ticket holders to win this Saturday. Players receive automatic entry into the supplementary Lotto Plus Raffle draw when they enter the main Lotto game and add the Lotto Plus option. A four-digit raffle code is printed on their ticket and a winning code is then randomly drawn on the night.

In normal draws, players who match the full code win €500 each. In last Saturday’s draw on 9th March, for example, the winning code was 5894 and 97 winners received €500 each, totalling €48,500 in prize money.

There are normally between 80 and 120 winners in a standard draw, although this can vary. Given this Saturday’s game is a special draw with an additional €1 million to be won, ticket sales are expected to increase. The extra €1 million prize money will be evenly split between all winners. The prize amounts will depend on the number of winners, but each winner is expected to win between an additional €8,000 and €12,500 as well as the normal €500 sum.

How to Enter the Draw

To be in with a chance of a big win in the bumper Lotto Plus Raffle this weekend, the process of entering is exactly the same as a normal draw. Simply opt into the supplementary Lotto Plus draws when you enter Lotto by marking the relevant section on your playslip, and you’ll get automatic entry into the raffle. Winners then have 90 days from the date of a draw to come forward and claim their prize.

There was a similar special draw held in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last year, when one Ireland Only Raffle winner from Dublin won an extra €1 million. That €1 million went to one lucky EuroMillions ticket holder whereas 12 months on, the nine-figure sum is being shared between a group of Lotto winners. You could follow in their footsteps and there is also an €85 million jackpot to be won in EuroMillions so pick your numbers online today. Good luck to you all, and have a great St. Patrick’s weekend!

13th March 2019

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