Syndicate of Soldiers Scoops €452,000 Irish Lotto Prize

Syndicate of Soldiers Scoops €452,000 Irish Lotto Prize

An army syndicate based in Co Kilkenny has snapped up an enormous Irish Lotto prize of €452,700 thanks to a Quick Pick ticket. The group of 20, from the 3rd Infantry Battalion at Stephens Barracks in Kilkenny, started buying tickets together in January 2015, but switched to playing  online a few months ago and have now been rewarded with €22,635 each after matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the draw on Saturday 27th August.

The syndicate, consisting of 18 privates, one corporal and a sergeant, came forward to receive their prize from National Lottery headquarters on Tuesday and recount their story. Syndicate spokesman Daniel McGrath from Cork explained: “Our first online ticket purchase in May was a Quick Pick and we decided to keep those same numbers going. Good thing we did.”

For fellow syndicate member Evan Powers, the youngest person in the group at 23, this is not the first time that someone from his family has had success on the lottery. He explained: “I actually had a brother who was part of a syndicate last year in Dungarvan who won €22,000 each as well. So that’s a strange coincidence.”

While Powers plans to put his money towards a ‘nice car and a nice holiday somewhere far, far away from Ireland’, several of the other group members are looking forward to getting married or buying houses. McGrath, whose wife will soon give birth to their first child, added: “The atmosphere in the barracks is great, everyone who knows about it is delighted for us that we’ve won.”

Playing in a syndicate is a popular option for many people as it means you can own a share of more tickets without having to splash out lots of money. While you do have to split any prize with the rest of the group, entering more lines is the only way to increase your chances of winning.

Whether you want to play in a syndicate or go it alone, there will be another chance to win Irish Lotto prizes in tonight’s draw. A jackpot of €4.6 million was shared between two tickets on Saturday night, but there is still €2 million on offer tonight if anyone can match all six main numbers. The army syndicate has shown that you don’t even have to win the jackpot to help make your dreams come true, and you could experience the same sort of joy if you enter and win. Tickets can be bought online or from authorised retailers in Ireland. Good luck!

14th September 2016