The Luckiest Town In Ireland Just Saw Another Big Lottery Win

The Luckiest Town In Ireland Just Saw Another Big Lottery Win

A small town in Ireland has claimed its third lottery prize in two months – with two winning tickets sold from the same shop. The town of Raphoe, Co. Donegal, has seen three big lottery wins from EuroMillions and Irish Lotto since the 5th February this year, with a collective prize total of over €2.4 million.

James Barclay, of Barclay’s Newsagents in The Diamond, Raphoe, is responsible for selling two lottery tickets worth a total of €1.5 million. The first was a EuroMillions Plus ticket for the 5th February draw, which won €500,000. The second was a Lotto Plus 1 ticket for the 29th March draw and was the sole winner of the €1 million top prize.

Lottery Wins for Co. Donegal

“We can’t believe it,” Mr Barclay said, “"This is a very small town and to have sold a Lotto Plus 1 and a EuroMillions Plus winning ticket within a few months is brilliant.”

The latest winning ticket comes only a month after a Lotto ticket, sold in the Centra store in Raphoe, won €98,068. The high-profile lottery wins have put Raphoe on the map; there have been reports of increased tourism to the town, as people hope to experience some lottery luck of their own.

Who Are The Lucky Lottery Winners?

So who are the lucky people that made this Co. Donegal town famous?

The streak began with retired farmer Charlie Meehan, who bought a Euromillions Plus ticket for the 5th February draw from Barclay’s Newsagents. He would go on to match all five numbers, granting him a €500,000 prize win.

“I’ve No Real Plans For The Cash”

Meehan, 84, has had a noble, even understated response to his lottery win. He spoke to the press about his approach to his winnings: “I've no real plans for the cash. It is a nice sum but I have my health now and that's all that matters.”

Meehan had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2012, and after spending nearly a year in a Galway hospital, is grateful for his health and for the medical care he received. “All I'm concerned about is being able to live a happy and healthy life and money can't buy you that."

Anonymous Irish Lotto Win

The next lottery win came from an anonymous Donegal man, who bought an Irish Lotto ticket for the 28th February draw from the Centra store in The Diamond, Raphoe. He matched five main numbers and the bonus ball, securing him a prize total of €98,068.

“I Thought It Was An Early April Fools’ Joke”

The third and most recent lottery win came on Saturday March 30th, when Donegal farmer Odhran Doherty, 23, became the sole winner of the Lotto Plus 1 top prize of €1 million.

Odhran’s father, Liam, bought three tickets – one for himself, one for his wife, and one for his son. When Odhran discovered he’d won a large sum of money, his father couldn’t believe it.

Said Liam of the win: “[Odhran] rang me and said the ticket had said he was a winner. He checked with the guy in the shop but they said it was too big for them to tell him how much he had won. I thought it was an early April's Fool joke or something.”

Odhran realised he’d won €1 million when he found out there was only one winner of the top prize. The family are reportedly over the moon about the lottery win, and are looking forward to helping Odhran plan out how to spend his newly-minted million.

While Raphoe’s story is incredible, there are countless other routes to jackpot victory. Prizes are being won the country over and beyond; not just lucky towns, and not just through retailers. Consider picking your numbers online! Look at our How To Play page for more information on the Irish Lotto, and the prizes waiting for you.

2nd April 2019