The National Lottery’s ‘Winning Streak’ TV Show Returns for New Series

The National Lottery’s ‘Winning Streak’ TV Show Returns for New Series

The popular game show Winning Streak will make a return to television screens in Ireland with a brand new series on 22nd September, giving five contestants the chance to win cash prizes, luxury cruises and more each week. There is also a new-look Winning Streak scratch card, which went on sale across the country in August. Find out more below about the relaunch of ‘the richest game show in Europe’.

How Do The Scratch Cards Work?

The revamped Winning Streak scratch cards went on sale for €3 in authorised ticket retailers throughout Ireland in August, with brand new 1 in 1,176 odds of winning a cash or 3 star entry prize. There are eight different prizes available, worth €3, €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €500 and €5,000, and all winnings must be claimed within 90 days from the date of purchase.

If there are three stars on your scratch card, you could also appear on the weekly game show to play for €500,000 in front of a live television audience. If you have a 3-star scratch card, you need to post it to the National Lottery in a green 3-star envelope, which is available from all authorised ticket retailers in Ireland. You can then find out if you’re one of the five lucky players randomly drawn to appear on the show by watching Winning Streak on a Saturday night.

There is also the option to purchase for a single stub entry on the new scratch card, which could see you win a €5,000 Luxury Cruise for two people on the show, or the cash equivalent. You just need to post one stub section from your scratch card to the official National Lottery in a grey stub entry draw envelope, which can also be collected from any authorised ticket retailer in Ireland. The lucky winner will then be announced in the next show.

What Is The Game Show?

The first ever Winning Streak game show aired in September 1990, and the 2018-2019 game show series will see five participants compete in each episode by spinning a wheel in a variety of different games. These include Car Keys, Roll For Riches, Play or Pay, Winfall, Patience, High Low Share, Wheel Reveal and The Grand Prize Wheel. In Roll For Riches, for example, you will win a maximum prize worth €50,000 if a Gold ball lands in the centre of the daisy wheel pattern. You can win up to €500,000 in The Grand Prize Wheel, the show’s flagship game, if your ball lands in the correct segment of the wheel.

Over €167 million has been won by more than 5,000 participants since the show first aired, and the new-look series has returned for its 29th year. Around €5 million was won in prizes in the previous series, and the show has an average audience of 300,000 viewers. The new series, which has a primetime Saturday night television slot, will be hosted in a brand new studio, presented by Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy on RTE 1, culminating in the season’s final episode in May 2019.

14th September 2018