What Can You Win In The 2019 Christmas Millionaire Raffle?

What Can You Win In The 2019 Christmas Millionaire Raffle?

Tickets have gone on sale for the 2019 Christmas Millionaire Raffle, which will take place on New Year’s Eve and will give away more than €4.6 million in prize money. Find out more about how the game works and all the prizes you can win.

Guaranteed €1 Million Top Prize

Over 6,000 prizes will be won in the 2019 raffle, headlined by a jackpot of €1 million for one lucky ticket holder. Three players will also scoop €100,000 each, while there will be 10 winners of €10,000. It is a different prize structure to last year, when there were 5,568 awards up for grabs, so your chances of winning are even better.

The full list of prizes for the 2019 Christmas Millionaire Raffle is as follows:

Prize Number of Prizes
€1 million 1
€100,000 3
€10,000 10
€5,000 30
€1,000 165
€500 5,800

How To Play And Win

Each ticket costs €25 and you can take part online or by going to any authorised lottery retailer in Ireland. You don’t need to play any other game to be able to enter the Millionaire Raffle and you won’t be able to choose your own number. Instead, you will be given a ticket with a six-digit raffle number automatically printed on it.

Tickets went on sale at the start of November and there are only 500,000 available, so there is a strong chance they will sell out before the draw on Tuesday 31st December. If not, tickets will remain available until 10pm on the night of the raffle and the winning numbers will be selected after sales have closed.

All the winning numbers will be selected at random. If you match one of them in full - with all six digits in the same order - you win the corresponding prize. You then have 90 days to come forward and claim your prize if you win.

Tickets are sometimes given as Christmas presents, such as in 2017 when Kevin O’Connor won €1 million with an entry that was bought for him as a gift by his godfather and posted to his home in England. It can therefore be easy to overlook the results, so make sure you remember to check the winning numbers after the draw.

6th November 2019