Will You Become Irish Lotto’s Ninth Jackpot Winner of 2017?

Will You Become Irish Lotto’s Ninth Jackpot Winner of 2017?

With tonight’s Irish Lotto jackpot worth an estimated €5.5 million, players will be determined to secure a prize that would leave them floating on cloud nine. So, will you become the ninth top prize winner of 2017?

Why 2017 Has Been a Good Year

Irish Lotto lovers have been treated to some spectacular jackpots over the past nine-and-a-half months, the biggest of which came in the draw on Wednesday 1st March, when a ticket holder from Dublin successfully ended a run of 18 consecutive rollovers by correctly matching all six numbers to claim a reward worth €12.8 million.

Lottery fans were forced to wait until Saturday 6th May for the game to produce another moment of jackpot joy, but the win was just as spectacular as the first. Two ticket holders - one from Donegal and one from Westmeath - split a €12.3 million fortune, much to the envy of players across the Emerald Isle.

Six further jackpot wins have followed, with three occurring in the space of six draws between late August and early September, a flurry that further helped fan the flames of desire amongst Irish Lotto enthusiasts. These victories have seen successful ticket holders take away more than €52.6 million in jackpot prizes this year, with the average top prize working out at around €6.5 million.

An Improvement on 2016?

There’s no denying that 2016 was a real bumper year for Irish Lotto fans. A total of 11 jackpots were felled, with the biggest success story coming in January, when a ticket holder from Co Mayo picked up a Quick Pick ticket worth €13.7 million. This helped to contribute to a combined jackpot haul of over €79.6 million, with top prizes averaging at €7.2 million.

Although these figures may appear to place the previous year ahead of 2017, at the same point in 2016 nine jackpots had been claimed, a number that could easily be matched in tonight’s draw.   

Help Make 2017 a Great Year

If you would like to write your name in the Irish Lotto history books by claiming the ninth jackpot prize of 2017, tonight is as good a chance as any. Simply select your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer across the Republic. Good luck!

11th October 2017