Winning Irish Lotto Ticket Sold by Limerick Hurling Star

Winning Irish Lotto Ticket Sold by Limerick Hurling Star

An Irish Lotto player is €3.8 million richer after buying their lucky ticket for the draw on Saturday 14th November at a shop run by Donal O’Grady, captain of the Limerick hurling team. The sportsman took over O’Grady’s Spar and Topaz in Ballingarry from his parents in 2012 and was contacted on Saturday night by lottery officials to inform him that the quadruple-rollover bounty had been won on an entry issued from his machine.

The Irish Lotto results were 12, 16, 22, 36, 40 and 43 with Bonus Ball 4 and, in addition to the multimillion-Euro jackpot winner, it was a good night for another ticket holder who pocketed €63,476 by matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. Other prizes snapped up on the night ranged from a €3 scratchcard for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball to €2,719 for matching five main numbers. See the Results section for a full prize breakdown from Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and the Lotto Plus Raffle.

O’Grady told the press he has no idea who the mystery winner is, although he hopes it is someone local. "There's great excitement, everyone is coming in checking tickets just to be sure," said the 20-year-old, who confirmed that he had never sold a winning ticket before.

Wednesday’s Irish Lotto jackpot will now be worth €2 million and lands the day after the gigantic €144 million on offer from EuroMillions on Tuesday. This staggering sum will be yours if you become the first participant since Tuesday 13th October to match all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. With that much cash in your bank account, you could go crazy buying mansions, sports cars and even an aeroplane and still have plenty left to look after yourself and many generations to come!

You can buy EuroMillions tickets now through the Tickets page, or visit your nearest authorised retailer to get your hands on a physical slip. If you do buy it from a shop, remember to put it somewhere safe so it is easily at hand if your numbers come up and that little slip of paper magically becomes your passport to riches beyond your wildest dreams!

16th November 2015