Limerick Player Lands Christmas Millionaire Raffle’s Top Prize

Limerick Player Lands Christmas Millionaire Raffle’s Top Prize

The wait is on for a lucky player from Limerick to come forward and claim their prize after winning the jackpot in the Christmas Millionaire Raffle. 

Irish Lotto
€3.5 Million
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The Millionaire Raffle took place on New Year’s Eve and awarded more than 6,000 prizes of between €500 and €1 million. The number 006605 was drawn as the one worth €1 million and it was quickly revealed that it belonged to an online ticket holder.

There were three codes worth €100,000. These tickets were sold in Cavan, Kilkenny and Louth. Go to the Christmas Millionaire Raffle Results page to see a full breakdown of all the prizes won. You can enter your ticket number into the Checker to find out if you are a winner.

If you are a winner, you need to come forward within 90 days to claim your prize. The €1 million winner from the 2016 Christmas Raffle failed to get in contact with National Lottery officials before their deadline, so never received the seven-figure prize.

The advantage that the latest winner has is that they played online, so they would have been automatically notified that they won a prize. When you take part online, your numbers are always stored safely and there is no chance of missing out on any winnings. 

Playing online is also the safest method during the coronavirus pandemic, as it eliminates the need to go out and queue with others for a ticket. You can even claim larger prizes by post at the current time, and just need to contact the National Lottery to get started. 

The Christmas Millionaire Raffle on New Year’s Eve set up big winners for the perfect start to 2021, and there are more opportunities to try to land great prizes throughout the week. The EuroMillions jackpot is currently worth €30 million, while Irish Lotto stands at €6 million.

8th January 2021