Ten Guaranteed €105,000 Ireland Only Raffle Winners This Friday

Ten Guaranteed €105,000 Ireland Only Raffle Winners This Friday

EuroMillions players in Ireland can look forward to splitting an extra €1 million in winnings this Friday after it was announced a special Ireland Only Raffle draw will take place on 26th October. Ten lucky winners will receive an equal share of the seven-figure sum following the main EuroMillions draw, taking home €105,000 each.

How Will The Draw Work?

Ticket holders for the main EuroMillions receive free entry into the supplementary Ireland Only Raffle, and are given a unique, four-letter, five-number code on their ticket for every line purchased. Ten of those codes are randomly drawn, normally winning €5,000 each in prize money. Special draws tend to see one player win €1 million but, in this Friday’s draw, ten players will win an extra €100,000 each from the €1 million prize pot as well as their normal €5,000 sum.

With 10 players guaranteed to take home €105,000 each following this Friday’s draw, interest will be high throughout the country as ticket holders look to make the most of this special draw. The winners will then have 90 days from the date of the draw to come forward and claim their prize. The first special Ireland Only Raffle was held on Friday 17th February 2017, and players cannot enter the draw without firstly entering EuroMillions, although it is possible to win a prize in one draw and not the other.

Past Special Ireland Only Raffle Draws

Special Ireland Only Raffle draws are held at various points throughout the course of a year, and this will be the fifth of the year following draws in March, June, July and August. The special draw in March was held to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and a Dublin pensioner revealed his intentions to put his winnings towards a winter home in the Caribbean.

The draw in June, meanwhile, saw a Waterford-based syndicate of work colleagues claim the seven-figure winnings, whilst a syndicate from Galway were the lucky recipients in July. The most recent draw, in August, saw a lucky ticket bought from the Aramark Shop in University Hospital Waterford take home the Ireland Only Raffle top prize after the winning code I-DZW-38394 was drawn.

If you haven’t already picked your numbers for this Friday’s EuroMillions draw worth €70 million, you can do so by joining a syndicate to be in with a chance of winning. Best of luck!

25th October 2018